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                                                                        Custom Adaptive Pedals




          Pictures of the New Version 2 Pedal May2003 and new seat post repositioner. Go Here  xxx 

                                In other Breaking News the New Pedal Junior is finished for young children that wear AFO,s   

  Here are some pics of the Juniors         

  Here is a version of a pedal with a heel rest designed for a recombinant bike

Our Mission

 Our Mission is pretty simple compared to most. We provide devices that make it easier for special needs  Kids or Adults to pedal a bike or a trike.
This is accomplished through a universal adaptive pedal plate  that simply fastens to any existing pedal and holds the foot in a normal pedaling position. Adaptive pedals provide a means to hold a twisted foot on a regular pedal while still allowing for an easy release.

What we do:

  Our sole purpose is providing special needs kids and adults with  adaptive pedal devices.  Making it possible for people with a abnormal foot orientation  to use a conventional bike or trike. SureFoot has been designed to work from a small child size 6 up to an adult size 10.

These  adaptive pedals plate assemblies have been designed to accommodate the needs of a child or adult who for what ever reason have difficulty keeping there feet on conventional pedals.
Children with Cerebral Palsy or young children quite often have foot orientation conditions , in which case if nothing is done to make the foot captive to a regular bicycle pedal, the child may not ever be able to experience the joys of riding  conventional bike or trike. 

Another reason our adaptive pedals may important for young children is that these kids may be sensitive to having an awkward looking contraption attached to their bike for this reason out product has been designed to look like a sleek contemporary pedal product. this could have an impact in a young Childs willingness to use an assistive device.

In the case of young adults having  some form of recreational mobility and basic transportation,  independent of public transportation can make a great deal of difference in how a child feels about his or herself.


" This product  presents a unique opportunity  for a special needs child to get an aerobic workout and enjoy a  recreational lifestyle."

                                                                                          Gene Morel
                                                                                                                     Registered  Orthotist, Ottawa Dec 2001

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